Christmas Gift Card Wraps

12 Days till Christmas.. So it's almost time to put on the runners to help get all the shopping done. 
I enjoy the challenge of solving present problems but hate getting it wrong.. So I'm in two minds when someone asks for a gift voucher, on one hand they're getting exactly what they want (yay) but on the other, I've put in zero thinking effort (boooo).

To compensate for the lack of brain time, throw out the daggy backing card vouchers usually come packaged in and make one of these 3 gift card wraps. They're pretty quick to make and each hold a gift voucher (card) in a way that is exciting to both receive and un-wrap! Everyones happy. Check out the Dabbles site for a bit more info!

Bon Bon Surprise, untie the ribbon to reveal the voucher

Look inside Santa's Sack for your present!

It's hard to show through the photo, but the glittered snowflake
on the front of the Snowflake Envelope is really eye catching

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