Seam allowance gadget I applaud thee. 

Check out this neat little device (spotted over at The Haby Goddessthat adds a seam allowance to a pattern whilst you cut it out. 'No biggie' I hear you say? I'll be saying that too when I get my hands on one of these cool little tools. Look out Burda.


The Closest Thing to Time Travel

How amazing are these series of photos by Giuseppe Savini?

They really highlight the odd coexistence people and buildings share, how something so constant (such as a building exterior) can coexist with another entity that is so completely moulded by change. It makes you wonder what a building has seen in its lifetime!

Sorry I should've warned you this wasn't a craft related blog haha, maybe next time.

Spotted at Miss Moss


The Design Process

I've just uploaded the Pleat and Gather headbands pattern to the Dabbles site : )
This one is a little spesh because I documented the design process for the world to see.
I love discovering the background work that goes into things, if you've done something similar or know of someone who has I would love, love, love to see it! (


Really, is that the time?!

Leballonrose is to blame, it pairs the most beautiful photography with a never ending page length... I could spend hours at this site, I'm hardly a romantic but the pictures on this site make me stare dreamily out the window.


Killer Cupcakes

Thats a fair effort. My stuff usually turns out looking like someone stood on it before serving.. Sugar+butter 


Giddy Up Melbourne!

Erica Elizabeth Designs

Erica Elizabeth Designs

Heart Felt By Aviva


A shout out to all the ponies running in the Melbourne Cup today, it’s thanks to you I get the day off for a weekday sleep-in and champagne breakfast. As a little tribute I thought I would post some neat fascinators that people are making on Etsy