Tutorial: X-mas in July stuffed animals

Do you get into Christmas in July? I don't personally but I found this video tute via Threadbanger (with a Christmas in July theme) on how to create toys from a pair of old jeans. As an amendment to the instruction, I would stuff the bottom of the toy with soup mix or uncooked rice and use it as either a door stoppers or (if you made two) bookends?!

A question though, would you give a Christmas present that you made from recycled clothes?


Music to Make to: Florence and the Machine

No Light, No Light

Don’t mean to rub it in (that’s a lie) but I’m in Spain at the moment participating in the Benicassim music festival!! Woooooooo no making anything for me other than ‘hells yeah’ signals at Florence and the Machine.


Tutorial: Magical Forest in a Jar

I've been itching to do a little growing scene in a bowl for ages, but very unfortunately I just can't seem to find the time/occasion : (

So I'm going to live through Mrs F at the cheekiest monkey of all blog who has created the most beautiful little forest in a jar! She has also been so kind to document how she did it, check it out.