Stockist Profile: Jodie from the Haby Goddess

I met Jodie from the Haby Goddess at my very first craft show under the Dabbles banner, she visited my stall and we got talking about general crafty things as you do. It wasn’t until she signed up for out e-newsletter that I noticed the ending and realised I’d been chatting to a craft rockstar!

Jodie has been online with the Haby Goddess for over 3 years and sells a range of unique sewing accessories and patterns predominantly by independent crafters & suppliers. Amongst keeping her blog updated with neat craft tutorials, she’s been working on an online sewing school (exciting) due to start up this year, but I won’t spoil the profile write up – you can find out more after the jump!


Dabbles Pattern Revisited: 
3 from 1 Gift Box (set 1)

Welcome to a new series! The great thing about patterns (compared to kits) is that you can create a million things from the one set of instructions, you can just take on the information you need to create something pretty neat thats suits your purpose! So in the 'revisited' series I will be revisiting and rejigging some of the Dabbles patterns to show you what else can be done.

So it’s nearly Valentines day, and although I’m a V-day scrooge, I can recognise that it’s nice to give something special to that someone special. So I thought it would be suitable for me to re-visit and re-jig the ‘Petalled Sleeve’ gift box from the 3 from 1 gift box (set 1) pattern, for those who wanted to add a pinch of love to their gifts packaging.

The finished size of the petalled sleeve gift box in the original pattern is 7.9cm (w) x 5cm(d) x 3.8cm(h) (3.1”(w) x 2”(d) x 1.4”(h)), great for jewellery or a handful of lollies, but I want something a little bigger and more dramatic!

See how I did it after the jump.


Nellies Cooking Adventures: Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Ritz Sandwiches

I’ve been getting into cooking blogs a bit recently, Spoon Fork Bacon being my current favourite. 
I found a biscuit recipe for a BBQ I was going to that seemed quick and the stunning photography silenced that nagging can-you-really-pull-this-off? voice. So I got suitably pumped and bought the ingredients...

The above photo isn’t mine by the way, check out how I went after the jump!


Hello (Disney) Ladies!

Ever wondered what the Disney Princesses would look like in real life? Jirka (Yir-ka, not Jerk-a) studies graphic design at the Arts University College at Bournemouth and has created some pretty convincing real-life versions of the Disney ladies. I was crossing fingers for the real life characters to be a little more hagged - Snow White should be turning 75 this year after all...