Nellies Cooking Adventures: Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Ritz Sandwiches

I’ve been getting into cooking blogs a bit recently, Spoon Fork Bacon being my current favourite. 
I found a biscuit recipe for a BBQ I was going to that seemed quick and the stunning photography silenced that nagging can-you-really-pull-this-off? voice. So I got suitably pumped and bought the ingredients...

The above photo isn’t mine by the way, check out how I went after the jump!

One word: Fail..... A tasty fail, but a fail.

I don’t know what happened! I prepared the PB biscuit sandwiches, which was easy enough but when it came to covering them in chocolate, it all just went to cooking shit! Okay, so I melted the cooking chocolate and started to dip (got 3 out successfully) then the contents of my pot turned solid! I turned the heat up a little, added a bit of hot water and it just went harder. I hate wasting anything so I continued to cover the biscuits with chocolate and they turned out like this:

Dashed by cooking chocolate! Has this ever happened to you and did you manage to figure out why it happened?! They still tasted okay and I did bring them to the BBQ, but I have very nice friends.

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