Tricky Treats!

I know it’s only the big shops that celebrate Halloween but I needed an excuse to post the coolest chocolates I’ve ever seen; Truffle skulls with pink walnut brains. Gold. 
Created by Marc Brownlow and spotted over at make projects 


Dabbles Debut!

I’m off to the craft and sewing show at the Caufield racecourse tonight to set up my stall. It’s Dabbles debut to the craft world so I’m a mixture of excitement and nervousness, do me a favour and sleep with your fingers, arms and legs crossed for me!

I’m working on a summary of the development that went into the event as a reference for anyone who is thinking of doing something similar – so stay tuned!


Colour Palette Spotting

Was waiting (waiting and waiting) for the train the other day and noticed a neat little colour palette I would never have thought to put together. Now what to apply it to…

CMYK breakdowns (left to right, top to bottom): 0,0,19,0 / 13,2,100,0 / 0,67,37,0 / 92,65,4,0 / 8,20,65,0 / 0,100,100,0 / 50,43,2,50.



Let me christen my first ever blog post with a confessional, I’m a terrible writer. 
It's very rare I write anything longer than a greeting in a birthday card, I can’t spell and I’m one of ‘those’ people who makes the text size bigger to magically add the final 100 words to an essay. So why would I start an online commentary for all to scrutinise? Well, I really like making stuff, watching (and learning) how other people make stuff and finding inspiration for my own crafty projects. These things are best shared and a blog is perfect for that!

I’ll be searching high and low to find the most interesting people to feature, products to review, crafty techniques, the most inspiring images and I might even plug in my brain to create some little DIY projects.

Don’t worry, a picture says 1000 words so I won’t have to.
This is going to be fun!