Inspirations: Colourful Zippers

Counter attack the grey winter sky (yep, I live in Melbourne, I desperately need a bit of colour in my world at the moment) and add a stripe of ridiculously bright colour to your next project. I spotted these pouches over at the Heodeza blog, the brights look hot against brown and would probably look equally great on a dark grey.


Music to Make to: Third Eye Blind

Semi Charmed Life

Suddenly I’m 15 making crappy flower shaped pincushions out of felt. Shit, turn it off!


Tutorial: DIY Crocheted Bracelet

I spotted this over at Oh the Lovely Things blog, I like it because it looks like a bought one.
When you head over to the link, scroll down the page a bit to see the original source. Enjoy.


Colour Palette: Miss Fox

My cousins and I chipped in to buy my Auntie a Day Spa package at Miss Fox for her 50th. I went into the studio to get the gift voucher and all I can say is Me-ow, the colour palette and visuals they use to brand themselves where just so chic. Was a tad impressed.


Inspirations: Crochet for Pets

Oh wow this poor animal, he has the same expression on his face as an ex did when I used to get him to try on blazers hahahaha. Bernadette from Sykesville USA crochets these incredibly imaginative pooch beanies. Head over to her Etsy store Sweet Hoots to see more (don't miss the viking helmet).