Nellies Cooking Adventures: Melting Snowman Cookies (Cheats Version)

I randomly (as you do) found the coolest Christmas biscuits on Google the other day - Melting Snowmen! As cool as the images where, they all looked like they took FOREVER to make and being an impatient cook I can't get involved with anything that will take longer than 45mins... But these where irresistible, so I came up with a cheats method....

Okay, gather these items for the cream cheese icing:
• 3 Tbsp cream cheese
• 1 Tbsp lemon juice
• 1 1/2 Tbsp butter
• 1 1/2 cups of icing sugar
• Yellow and red food colouring

(I find cream cheese icing more manageable and more tasty than the water + icing sugar variety)

And the other bits that complete the ensemble:
• A packet of circular, pre-baked biscuits (this is the big cheaters secret! Saves time plus there is no way they will be burnt and unusable haha)
• An icing pen
• Milk buds chopped into quarters
• White Marshmallows (one per biscuit)

Step 1: Make the icing by creaming the butter and cream cheese together (till creamy), add the remaining ingredients (except the colouring) and beat till combined.

Step 2: Fun bit! Draw a face onto each Marshmallows - just the two dots for eyes and a mouth.

Step 3: Put aside a small amount of icing and colour it orange. Use the tip of a butter knife to splodge an orange nose on each mallow face. Have a glass of hot water on stand-by to clean the knife with.

Step 4: Lay out the biscuits with the flat side facing up. Spread the (white) cream cheese icing on top in a circular motion, don't worry about covering the whole biscuit or even doing it with some uniformity, it better represents how a snowman would melt in real life anyway.

Step 5: Construct! Place the marshmallow on the edge of the biscuit (in the icing), add two milk bud buttons then draw stick arms on either side of the mallow head with the icing pen.

Finished! Must note, even though the cream cheese is the easiest to work with it does make the biscuit base go a little (just a little, it's still edible!) soggy, so eat 'em up quick!

Next time I would like to try replacing the icing with ice-cream. How cool (mind the pun) would that be?! Biting into a melted snowman that is still cold! If you try it, let me know how it went!


Christmas Gift Card Wraps

12 Days till Christmas.. So it's almost time to put on the runners to help get all the shopping done. 
I enjoy the challenge of solving present problems but hate getting it wrong.. So I'm in two minds when someone asks for a gift voucher, on one hand they're getting exactly what they want (yay) but on the other, I've put in zero thinking effort (boooo).

To compensate for the lack of brain time, throw out the daggy backing card vouchers usually come packaged in and make one of these 3 gift card wraps. They're pretty quick to make and each hold a gift voucher (card) in a way that is exciting to both receive and un-wrap! Everyones happy. Check out the Dabbles site for a bit more info!

Bon Bon Surprise, untie the ribbon to reveal the voucher

Look inside Santa's Sack for your present!

It's hard to show through the photo, but the glittered snowflake
on the front of the Snowflake Envelope is really eye catching


Well, would you look at that...

The Haby Goddess is a stockist of the limited edition print patterns at Dabbles. Jodi had a go at one of the designs from the 3 in 1 gift box and she did a really great job. 100% unexpected but really great, click here to view her blog.


Seam allowance gadget I applaud thee. 

Check out this neat little device (spotted over at The Haby Goddessthat adds a seam allowance to a pattern whilst you cut it out. 'No biggie' I hear you say? I'll be saying that too when I get my hands on one of these cool little tools. Look out Burda.


The Closest Thing to Time Travel

How amazing are these series of photos by Giuseppe Savini?

They really highlight the odd coexistence people and buildings share, how something so constant (such as a building exterior) can coexist with another entity that is so completely moulded by change. It makes you wonder what a building has seen in its lifetime!

Sorry I should've warned you this wasn't a craft related blog haha, maybe next time.

Spotted at Miss Moss


The Design Process

I've just uploaded the Pleat and Gather headbands pattern to the Dabbles site : )
This one is a little spesh because I documented the design process for the world to see.
I love discovering the background work that goes into things, if you've done something similar or know of someone who has I would love, love, love to see it! (


Really, is that the time?!

Leballonrose is to blame, it pairs the most beautiful photography with a never ending page length... I could spend hours at this site, I'm hardly a romantic but the pictures on this site make me stare dreamily out the window.


Killer Cupcakes

Thats a fair effort. My stuff usually turns out looking like someone stood on it before serving.. Sugar+butter 


Giddy Up Melbourne!

Erica Elizabeth Designs

Erica Elizabeth Designs

Heart Felt By Aviva


A shout out to all the ponies running in the Melbourne Cup today, it’s thanks to you I get the day off for a weekday sleep-in and champagne breakfast. As a little tribute I thought I would post some neat fascinators that people are making on Etsy


Tricky Treats!

I know it’s only the big shops that celebrate Halloween but I needed an excuse to post the coolest chocolates I’ve ever seen; Truffle skulls with pink walnut brains. Gold. 
Created by Marc Brownlow and spotted over at make projects 


Dabbles Debut!

I’m off to the craft and sewing show at the Caufield racecourse tonight to set up my stall. It’s Dabbles debut to the craft world so I’m a mixture of excitement and nervousness, do me a favour and sleep with your fingers, arms and legs crossed for me!

I’m working on a summary of the development that went into the event as a reference for anyone who is thinking of doing something similar – so stay tuned!


Colour Palette Spotting

Was waiting (waiting and waiting) for the train the other day and noticed a neat little colour palette I would never have thought to put together. Now what to apply it to…

CMYK breakdowns (left to right, top to bottom): 0,0,19,0 / 13,2,100,0 / 0,67,37,0 / 92,65,4,0 / 8,20,65,0 / 0,100,100,0 / 50,43,2,50.



Let me christen my first ever blog post with a confessional, I’m a terrible writer. 
It's very rare I write anything longer than a greeting in a birthday card, I can’t spell and I’m one of ‘those’ people who makes the text size bigger to magically add the final 100 words to an essay. So why would I start an online commentary for all to scrutinise? Well, I really like making stuff, watching (and learning) how other people make stuff and finding inspiration for my own crafty projects. These things are best shared and a blog is perfect for that!

I’ll be searching high and low to find the most interesting people to feature, products to review, crafty techniques, the most inspiring images and I might even plug in my brain to create some little DIY projects.

Don’t worry, a picture says 1000 words so I won’t have to.
This is going to be fun!