Stockist Profile: Jodie from the Haby Goddess

I met Jodie from the Haby Goddess at my very first craft show under the Dabbles banner, she visited my stall and we got talking about general crafty things as you do. It wasn’t until she signed up for out e-newsletter that I noticed the ending and realised I’d been chatting to a craft rockstar!

Jodie has been online with the Haby Goddess for over 3 years and sells a range of unique sewing accessories and patterns predominantly by independent crafters & suppliers. Amongst keeping her blog updated with neat craft tutorials, she’s been working on an online sewing school (exciting) due to start up this year, but I won’t spoil the profile write up – you can find out more after the jump!

D: What’s your craft addiction and how did it start?
HG: I don't really have a craft addition as such (salt & vinegar potato chips gain that title) because have a crafting business you really need to love all areas of the industry, which I do. But if I was to choose any addiction to have, it would be crochet. I can't do it but I love it.
D: You stock over 160 products in your store! Which one is your ultimate favourite?
HG: Any product that is stocked in The Haby Goddess online store is there because I love it! My favorite products are usually the patterns, I'm in awe of these independent pattern makers (I'm including Dabbles here!) who are producing amazing ranges. I can fully appreciate the amount of work that goes in to each and every pattern just to get it published.
D: Does The Haby Goddess have any big plans for 2012?
HG: Absolutely Nellie! I have just launched the Sew School Online website and a new one for the The Haby Goddess is also just days away. Having girls 9 & 13 who are very interested in sewing, I hope to finish off some patterns and projects aimed at this age group.
D: You have a great mix of project posts over on your blog! Which one was the most fun for you to work on?
HG: Blogs are a huge about of work and a sewing tutorial can take 6 or more hours to produce. So having said this, they are all my 'babies' by the time they get published! The most satisfying posts are definitely the ones where I have made a complete item so I then get to use or wear it at the end of the day, making in my hard work worthwhile.
D: The best craft tip you’ve ever received?
HG: Growing up, my mum would drive me crazy at how fussy she was with her sewing (just make it already I'd be thinking!). All that pressing, clipping corners, trimming seams and not to mention the unpicking of wonky seams was so unnecessary to a novice. But these really are the most important things when sewing, if you spend time getting these things right, you will have given yourself the best head start in making the project work.
D: If we want more information, where can we find you?
HG: Well I'm quite the social butterfly actually (hehe), and can be found lurking on Facebooktwitter, the blog or stacking the shelves at The Haby Goddess online store
D: Cheeky last question - I have a friends birthday coming up and I would like to get her something sewing related (as she has just started getting into it), is there anything you could recommend?! 
HG: Where do I start? The Essentials Sewing Box  is a great place to start, as are any of kits. You could always give her a gift voucher to any value  you wish, that way she can purchase any Haby goodies that take her fancy.

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