Stitch and cut appliqué tute


When your adding shaped (odd or otherwise) fabric pieces to a quilt, garment or bag. The stitch and cut appliqué technique is your best friend! It does 3 things for you; neatens the shapes edge, attaches it to the garment and reduces the likelihood of the fabric piece fraying. In the past I've blanket stitched (shakes head), not only is this a massive effort, it's putting the efforts of the industrial revolution go to waste by not letting the sewing machine do all the hard work! Click 'read more' to view the how-to. 

Machine settings are all different of course, but I used a zig-zag stitch with a width between 2-3 and a length of 0.5. Test it out on some scraps before committing, and use a tread colour that is going to complement your item. The above diagrams come from the ‘Family Tree Mini Quilt’ pattern I did for the Craft & Sewing show last October (2011). Email me at if you want to get your hands on it!

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