Little Deities Exhibiton

I have a very clever bunch of creative friends, one of which - Daniel Atkinson who is an illustrator and lecturer at NMIT has put together an exhibition ‘Little Deities’ and he’s sumed it up perfectly as 

Sixty of Melbourne's most talented mortals (were) summoned and each given the task 
of transforming a doll into a god’

There’s been sneak previews of these doll gods on the LD facebook page and blog and the doll transformations been totally amazing, the participants have done a really great job and I’m so pumped for opening night! If you’re in the Melbourne area you definitely have to pop in and see this exhibition. It’s on at the No Vacancy Gallery from the 8th to the 18th of March, get more info on the event at the LD facebook page or more info on the very talented group who are participating at the site.
Snaps to Simone Bennett for the site design!

Neil Sanders - The Great Calabaza

Kathleen Wrigglesworth - Obie (Work in Progress)
Nathanael Scott - Time & Space

Amz Kelso - Bubba Koi
Marijka Gooding - Handsome Monkey King

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