Craft Places: Crafternoon

This wicked illustration is by Megan Nairn I can't draw like that : )

If your the type whose creative are juices flowing at their fullest when your eating, then I hope your sitting down when I tell you about Crafternoon. A little cafe in North Carlton (Melbourne) where the discerning crafter can draw, paint, collage and mould whilst having a cup of tea (coffee, ninja bread etc...).

The customer creations hanging from the ceiling and the whole corner full of craft condiments not only treats you to a unique greeting but will timewarp you back to your grade 2 art room (but with much friendlier adults and a coffee machine).

Take a seat at your table which adorns a pot of drawing materials and select an activity from the craft menu. You can make greeting cards, masks, a picture and badges using either collage, paint, pencils or playdoh. Not so keen on eating pom poms for lunch? The nice girls at Crafternoon can relate, so they also provide breakfast and lunch which is very reasonably priced (nothing over $9 for lunch) and diverse - the bowl of Billie Jean (coco pops mixed with rice bubbles) will meet your dietary needs to create a work of pure genius.

A great way to spend the afternoon with friends, I highly recommend you put this craft place on your to-do list!

Crafternoon: 531 Nicholson St, Carlton North

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