Nellie's Cooking Adventures: Marshmallow shot cups

Welcome to Summer! My favourite time of year, it's all about camping, drinking, swimming, laughing and overall good times! Why not cook in the mood of the season?
It's super easy and fun to make - read more after the jump!

The idea from this recipe came to me like an epiphany whilst driving up to Lake Eildon over a long weekend. I was thinking how silly it was to be bringing spirits to a camping trip as they always make me feel like death warmed up the next day, I then started rolling my eyes at the thought of all the extra cups I'd have to wash too. But then I spotted the bag of marshmallows sitting in the passenger seat... Behold the birth of the marshmallow shot cup.

You'll need:
• A bag of marshmallows
• Bottle of vanilla vodka
• Pocket knife
• 2 beers

1. Drink the 2 beers. This might appear self destructive, but the bitterness of the beer will help you appreciate the sweetness of the marshmallows... trust me...

2. Dig out a small section from the middle of the mallow and eat it (leaving such sweetness around a camp site will only encourage ants).

3. Pour a small amount of vodka into the crevice. 

4. Put the whole thing in your mouth and start chewing!

5. Share with your friends and let thier facial expressions reward your hard work.

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