Dabbles Pattern Re-visited: Bloom Bouquet Template

On occasion, I like to jump on the sewing machine to make an article of clothing… This doesn’t happen very often as I need time to re-coupe from the previous project’s fail - in the interest of making new friends I won’t get into it.

On this particular occasion, a Colette pattern caught my eye – Jasmine, a nice looking blouse that I thought would look pretty cool with some flowers (from the Dabbles Bloom Bouquet template) stitched into the collar. Although the final result of this project didn’t look very crash hot on, I was really happy with the collar and wanted to show everyone how I did it!

Step 1: Start making the blouse following the Collette instructions until you get to the ‘attach collar’ section. Go through with step one then STOP!

Step 2: Use white chalk or marking pencil to trace 1.5cm (0.6”) from the pinned edge.

Step 3: Pick the template designs you would like to apply to the collar – use the photocopier to resize the template images. Cut out the (photocopied) templates and pin them onto the collar. Don’t go past the line you marked in Step 2.

 Step 4: Double check you like the placement by trying the blouse on and adjust accordingly.

Step 5: Using dressmakers carbon paper, transfer the template images to the collar.

Step 6: Fold over the rough edges of the collar and tack in place (to keep the fabric from fraying) then, using the Bloom Bouquet Pattern stitching guide, start stitching! To avoid the fabric falling apart, hold a piece of interfacing on the ‘wrong’ side (as shown in pic b. above) of the fabric and stitch into it.

 Step 7: Once all the designs are completed. Trim the interfacing.

Step 8: Remove the tacking, re-attach the collar to the blouse and continue to follow the instructions in the Collette pattern.

I must apologise for not adding a finished result, the blouse made me look like I'd been on an ice-cream sundae diet!

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